Monday, August 24, 2009

6 eggs a week might seem like a lot- PART ONE

But the National Heart Foundation has raised the recommended the maximum number of eggs consumed per person is 6 per week. FYI- I think Junior's weekend breakfasts combined went over that by a lot. Anyway, apparently the cholesterol count in eggs is not to blame for contributing to coronary heart disease, it's those wretched trans and saturated fats.

Now that the educational part is out of the way, we can focus on our mutual lustful, wanton yearning for food in its purest forms.

Breakfast- the most important meal of the weekend (let's face it- no one really has the time or the energy mid week to indulge)

Saturday we had brekkie at Toby's Estate in Woolloomooloo- a favourite of ours. Coffee always great and good simple food to get you going for the day. I must say though that their scrambled eggs is GIGANTIC. I always forget to ask exactly how many eggs they use but if I was a betting lass, I'd say 5 regular chook eggs or 1 emu egg.

With roast tomato, 2 rashers of bacon and delicious sourdough toast (mmmm... sourdough) and all for $11 it is a bargain! I went with the bacon and egg roll with hollandaise which I am usually very pleased with (what can hollandaise NOT make better?!) but on Saturday my sauce was somewhat lacking so it wasn't worth photographing. I shall give it one more chance though as they are usually delectable.
Junior and I did have a bet to see if he could finish it and well you can see my wallet started the weekend on a minus.

Verdict: Always a pleasure, never a chore. See you guys again next week. Do yourself a favour and go and visit the super chirpy waiters ASAP!

Toby's Estate Espresso Bar & Espresso School
129 Cathedral Street
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
(02) 9358 1196

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  1. He didn't eat the parsley... in which case Junior owes you.


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