Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Unexpected (and Unwelcomed) Moroccan Party in my Mouth

I know that may seem like a rather absurd title with dodgy connetations but that is exactly what I got at Bourke Street Bakery.

Having excitedly read Good Living's review of the Top 3 Sausage Rolls (for more info see previous posts), I convinced Junior to join me in sampling the flaky pastry goodness, starting with Bourke Street Bakery in Marrickville.

As we had many an errand to run during the day, we weren't able to get their until early afternoon. I pretty much figured that the selection may be limited as a result but remained hopeful. I spotted the lead singer from Faker sitting on a table outside, talking rather animatedly to his coffee companion but what really struck me was the fact that he looked like he needed a really good wash. Perhaps that is a rock star thing...

Anyway as we entered, I noticed there were only a few pies and two kinds of sausage rolls left. I was keen to try the Lamb & Harissa as well as the Pork & Fennel on Random Pear's recommendation and that's exactly what they had so I took it as a sign. FYI- the ones with poppyseeds on top are the Lamb & Harissa.

Excitedly Junior and I tucked into the Lamb & Harissa ones and WHOA NELLY... All of a sudden we found guest ingredients exploding in our mouths and like people who gatecrash parties, ended up taking over the party and ruining it for everyone else.


I just want to get it clear upfront that I don't expect for every single ingredient to be listed in a description when they are base flavours such as onion, garlic et al but this was pushing the friendship. Almonds and currants are exotic enough to warrant a mention and if anything to act as a warning for those like myself who do not enjoy currants of any kind... especially currants who jump out of sausage roll screaming SURPRISE with sparklers and party poppers. I am sure there are foodies who would fall over themselves at this Moroccan gem and rightfully so but I was not given the chance to choose. Miffed? You betcha!

Thankfully we heeded Random Pear's advice and shared the Pork & Fennel number (doubly thankful the sausage roll excursion ended on a good note). Great pastry and a delightful combination of sweet pork with aniseed notes from the fennel. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Would certainly return to try out more flavours and perhaps a pie as well but make sure you enquire about the ingredients in your baked good... Once bitten and all that...

Bourke Street Bakery
2 Mitchell Street
Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9569 3225


  1. "what really struck me was the fact that he looked like he needed a really good wash. Perhaps that is a rock star thing..."

    What really struck me was ho much you sound like a Nanna!

  2. Perhaps but I am confident that all is well until I start ranting about how much cheaper things were back in my day and smelling like lavendar oil. Then I give you full authority to smack it right out of me.


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