Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Food Guide Awards 2010

The Good Food Guide award winners were announced last night and as usual there was some controversy with the dishing out of hats (or in some cases the taking away). Biggest shock of the evening was Claude's demotion from 3 hats to 2.

Check out the live blog chat with the editors Joanna Savill and Simon Thomsen. Simon and I rarely see eye to eye and I think the exchange below from today's live blog chat is a good example of why.

"Mark - September 08, 2009 12:40 PM Suprised to see Yoshii drop to 1 hat. I was there the other night and the quality was great. I think it still deserves 2 hats.

Simon says: Fair enough. We didn't this year Mark, but you keep eating there."

In fact what it sounds like Simon is really saying is: "Yeah you keep eating there and get back in your box."

Come on Simon. I think Mark is entitled to an opinion and surely you know that any list of winners of any sort will attract controversy. Sheesh!

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