Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Battle of the Pizzas

Some experts will have you believe that the secret to a healthy relationship is being adventurous in bed, having a drawer full of sexy lingerie and taking advice from sealed sections in magazines. Other experts will cite making time for each other and pencilling in "date nights" as they key. I have also recently seen a young lass proffer advice that making home-cooked meals for your partner, such as lasagne will get that rock on your finger ladies. Did she mean to set the feminist movement back to cave dwelling times by assuming that is the only goal in a female's life?! Whilst I do believe cooking for your partner makes for romance, I doubt lasagne will be the glue that holds you together... Unless your partner is Garfield.

I scoff at these notions for delivering romance. I offer an alternative which comes in the form of some healthy competition. Junior and I have been having regular "Pizza Offs" for sometime now. It's a game we play where we try to outsmart, outwit and outplay the other through our pizza making skills. Nothing keeps the fire of romance burning like some competitive "Battle of the Sexes" banter over pizza making and then sitting down to enjoy the spoils together!

When we have time (a la up at the farm with an authentic woodfire pizza oven), we make our own dough but sometimes on a weeknight, you don't have the time so we use ready made bases. And before you brand me a heathen, may I remind you we do this for the same reason we all resort to take away sometimes... I really despise thick crusts so the Bazaar pizza bases do a pretty good job.

We each get a pizza base, tomato sugo and the delicious Paesanella Fior Di Latte (Mozzarella)- then the rest of the toppings are up to the individual. On a side note, do yourselves a favour and visit the Paesanella cheese store in Haberfield. Not only will you find an amazing array of cheeses but the this family-owned business has great service and will offer tastings to help you make your choice.

Back to the Battle of the Pizzas. In the red corner- triple smoked ham, spanish onion, pumpkin, chilli flakes and topped with fresh rocket once out of the oven. (Mine was slightly charred after I left it in a smidgen too long- whoops!)

In the blue corner- leftover homemade meatballs with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and spanish onion.

Verdict: Junior won by a nose with the Meatballs. I concede that using my own meatballs to beat me in the pizza battle was a genius strategy. Well played Junior, well played. Until next time...

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Haberfield NSW 2045
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  1. Mmmm. Meatballs. Junior wins hands down.

    Stupid pumpkin.

  2. Mick is such a pumpkin racist. Don't listen to him. Here is one I like...
    Drizzle cubes of pumpkin and spanish onion with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast in oven until caramelised. (option: add rosemary)
    On base you can use either tomato or pesto. Put pumpkin and onion on the base with your preferred form of cheese (I've use both mozzarella and feta, both equally great) and chuck back in oven. As you can see I am like the Iron Chef such is my cooking skillz. (Options: Add black olives or prosciutto).

    While that is all happening roast some cashews or pinenuts under the grill or in a pan, sometimes I like to add some chilli.
    Set nuts aside (I just wanted to write that).

    Once pizza is cooked to your liking remove from oven (very important or you cannae eat it) top with rocket or spinach and throw your nuts on top in a very decorative manner.

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  4. mickrad & LaLa- I have a brilliant idea. Battle of the Sexes Pizza Off next time Junior and I come to visit. Oh it's ON!

    LaLa PS- Love your pizza idea. Am going to give it a go *smacks lips*

  5. Here's Mick's idea of perfect pizza.

    Five types of meats, two types of cheese and half a kilo of onion.

  6. Er.. and of course, that is why I love him.

  7. Him and Junior will be in agreeance over the pizza topping for their team before they've even started!

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  10. Wow I love the meaty toppings of this pizza. Wouldn't you mind sharing the recipe to us? We'll be glad to learn it from you. Thanks. :)

  11. Food looks crazy good! Reminds me of a fabulous resto I used to frequent before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me to go out more!


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